Establishing a New Customer Base

The most difficult part of the equation when trying to establish a successful Indianapolis screen printing company is establishing a new customer base. It is so much more difficult when you’re dealing with an individual for the very first time compared to someone that you have done business with prior. You not only have to sell them on your ability to give them a superior product for a good price, but you have to sell them on yourself. Assuming that the initial job went well and that everything was delivered on time as well as the customer was very satisfied, then we have the advantage of living in the Midwest where we experience a seasons change about every four months and the same individual that was looking that happen to find you when looking for a Indianapolis T-shirt printing company on the last order is probably going to want to use you again. You don’t have to try to sell yourself the second time around because their confidence in your ability to treat them right and process the order correctly has already been established. We live and die on the repeat job and would much rather deal with the same individual the second time around than somebody who we’ve never dealt with before. It’s just a matter of getting on the phone and reintroducing yourself. For example, all I have to say is: “This is Mike and we did some digital T-shirt printing for you about four months ago. I just wanted to inquire if you might be needing anything else in the near future and if so, can we please have a chance to give you a quote?” Nothing more really needs to be said than that.

Another thing to think about is that the same organization that required screen printing on the initial order might now be looking for custom embroidery especially if they happen to be in the market for some nice looking jackets or polos. One thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to spread yourself too thin. A lot of the work load we have is time sensitive and it’s not uncommon that it’s for some type of event that is out of state. To complicate things even further, it might happen to be on the other side of the country and take up to 4 to 5 days just be delivered if you’re using UPS ground delivery. Normal turnaround time for an Indianapolis T-shirt printing company is two weeks. That being said, it is not uncommon for someone to give you a call five days before the time they are actually going to need them. You don’t want to pass up the job because if you don’t end up catering to it, somebody else probably will and you don’t want to leave money on the table. Reality however, is that it is often not worth the stress. Experience has taught me that it is much better to just make sure that you can bring things together in a timely manner or you’re better off just passing on the job. Sometimes digital T-shirt printing is better than the conventional way of doing things because it cuts the production time significantly down and enables you to turn things around much quicker.

Give us a chance the next time you’re shopping for an Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing company as we will try to come to some arrangement where you are as glad to use us as we are providing your logo’d apparel for you.

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