Taking Advantage of Modern Technology

A lot of Indianapolis T-shirt printing companies are jumping on the bandwagon and getting away from the old way of doing things when it comes to the conventional way of screen printing, as well as custom embroidery. They’re making the most of what modern technology has brought to the table over the last 10 years. Many Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing companies are getting away from the conventional old-school way of doing things. They’re taking advantage of modern technology and seeing the value in laying out the cash for state-of-the-art equipment. They realize that they might be paying a bit more upfront for that fancy digital t-shirt printing machine, but they are more than making up for it by cutting back on their employee payroll. They’re trying to remove the human element out of the production process as much as possible. The equipment always shows up for work on time, day in and day out, it never gets sick, and it never complains or gets injured. In other words, it’s much more cost-effective, as well efficient, to own a piece of equipment that can do the work of five employees in half the time.

A lot of embroidery and screen printing companies have decided to go offshore for their production. They understand that by doing this they can significantly cut back on payroll overhead. Just like everything else there are advantages as well as disadvantages. It significantly prolongs the turnaround time. It’s really not practical when trying to cater to the customer who will need his product within 2 weeks or less. It does however give you some advantages when trying to cater to the order that has 1000 pieces or more than doesn’t require an urgency. By investing in the better state-of-the-art technology we can keep the production right here in this country while still being able to produce more cost effectively.

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