What it takes to be one of the best screen printers

For well over 10 years now, we have taken great pride in setting the gold standard as an Indianapolis screen printing company. This did not happen by accident, nor did it happen overnight. It took many years to establish a great reputation. We get a large percentage of our overall orders from repeat customers ranging from digital applications to custom embroidery. One of the things that sets us apart from a large percentage of our competitors is the fact that we pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible. We don’t have a very rigid way of doing things. It has been our experience that although every order we take in is similar in nature, however at the same time there are several differences and each piece of artwork is going to be unique unto itself.

Everyone who calls us shares the common denominator of looking for the very best value for their money. Most of our customers have a limited budget to work with. They all realize that there is no status in overpaying more than they may have to but they certainly don’t want to compromise quality. Many of our orders are time sensitive. Normal turnaround time among the Indianapolis T-shirt printing companies is two weeks once the down payment has been submitted. That being said, it is very common that we receive a bid request with less than four days before the event. We have a choice to make at that point. We can either pass up the chance to work together or we can take it on. We’re well aware of the fact that if we decide to pass it up that there is always someone there who will decide to take it on. So most times when we decide to take on the job, we put a clause in the proposal stating that the customer has to have good clean artwork that is ready to go that we consider to be printer friendly and there are no unexpected surprises or delays. If things run perfectly, then we are normally able to pull it off. This however can be stressful.

We prefer to have a 2 to 3 week lead time, especially in the fall when the season starts to change. Our telephone, doesn’t seem to stop ringing at that point because everyone who works outside for living is calling us at the same time wanting to change over from short sleeve T-shirts to long sleeve. These are just a few reasons why you should consider giving us a chance to cater to your Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing and custom embroidery requirements.

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