College Students

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Attention all college students as well as fraternity and sorority members. We have some very exciting news! We are very sensitive to the fact that you have most likely been allocated a very limited amount of funds towards acquiring your next screen printing and embroidery order . At T-shirt Indianapolis, we don't just want to supply you with your T-shirt needs, but we we are very open to the possibilities of working together as a partial sponsor in order to help offset your limited resources. In this current economic environment, we all can use any help that we can get.

We have a sincere passion for cross promoting and creative networking. We have found that by coming up with the right marketing campaign, that we can take each other places collectively that we could never reach under our own efforts.

We are well aware of the fact that working together in a collective effort, we can take each other places that we just could not go on our own efforts.

Eventually you are going to need some more T-shirts, and when that time comes give us a call for a free estimate. We are huge believers when it comes to the importance of communicating clearly. We will convey to one and other where we are wanting to go so that by working together in the right capacity , we can come up with the right strategies in order to get there. We will not only give you a quote on exactly what you asked us for, but we will see what we can bring to the table as a partial sponsor in order to create a scenario that is going to be equally beneficial for both of us.

We recommend that you call a few other silk screen printing and custom embroidery companies in order to compare apples to apples in order to fully appreciate our overall value. Then ask yourself, "Did the other silk screen company offer to get involved as a partial sponsor?

We have have been doing this for a long time and It's been our experience that by working together with a collective effort and implementing the right plan of action, we can accomplish much more and complement each other greatly.

We will work towards a scenario where you are as comfortable acquiring your T-shirts through us as we are making them for you.

How would you feel about the possibility of us placing our logo on the back of the tee shirt as one of your sponsors? Maybe we could apply embroidery on a sleeve? we would be open to extending a partial discount on your tee shirts in exchange for echange for a discount ?

There is absolutely no limit to the possibilities. Why don't you give one of our hopeful staff a call and schedule a meeting where we can all sit down at a table and come up with some practical solutions that will actually make a difference.

We really have a heart for college students! especially ones that live in Indianapolis. We're well aware of the fact that most college kids are working with very small budget. They usually have really good ideas and know where they want to go, but just don't have the resources in order to to get there.

Let's see if by working together in in the right manner, if we can take each other places that we could in no way get to on our own.

At T-shirt Indianapolis our staff has many years of T-shirt printing and custom embroidery experience under its belt in order to help assist you in the process of establishing good clean artwork.

We are a one-stop shop and will help walk you through the entire screen printing and custom embroidery process from start to finish.

We consider ourselves to be the silk screen leader throughout Indianapolis.