Digital Ink Jet T-Shirts

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If you are located in the Indianapolis area and are thinking about acquiring some T-shirts, there is more than just one way of getting things done. There are many different options to consider. Technology has impacted every sector of our economy and the textile screen printing industry is no exception. This state-of-the-art technology has lent itself to an easy and cost-effective application called digital printing. Now we have the ability to take an image composed of up to 30 colors or more and apply it to a low run of just 12 T-shirts. In the past, the traditional method of screen printing a tee shirt would require color separations along with producing the films that are needed in order to yield screens. The more colors involved the more complicated the application was. Today's technology does away with all that mess and provides us with huge advantages which significantly save valuable time and effort.

If you're in need of a small amount of T-shirts with a lot of different colors, then digital printing is a very practical alternative. Think of an inkjet printer. But instead of just feeding it normal paper, you are feeding it tee shirts. When entertaining this alternative, one should keep in mind that the finished product will never be any better than the artwork that it came from. Good, clean art is imperative. (300 dots per inch resolution is considered the optimal) Once again, I would like to remind you that the computer sees exactly what you send. If the image is low resolution, then the finished product will be out of focus and compromised. If you start with a very small 3 inch logo and you want it blow up to a 12 x 12" image, then it will likely break up and become grainy as well. We would prefer you send the image over the exact size you want it to appear on the finished product.We would suggest 300 dots per square inch resolution in a Photoshop file in order to allow our production department to scale it up to the appropriate size required. One of the most efficient ways for you to be confident that what you are sending over is usable is to print it out on an 8/12 X 11 sheet of paper. If it looks good on the paper, then it will probably look good on the T-shirt.

The ink jet process uses a water-based ink which lends itself to a much softer feel than your typical plastic ink used for conventional screen printing. Unlike plastic ink which sits on top of the surface it is applied to, a water based ink will actually be absorbed into the material becoming one with the garment itself. This method has proven itself to last every bit as long as traditional screen printing applications. The lifespan of the image is determined by a lot of different variables such as how often you wear it and how often it is laundered, to what type of laundry detergent you are using. Also, does your detergent contain bleach or not? Using bleach can reduce the lifespan of the image. We have determined that turning a tee shirt inside out before washing helps. Under normal circumstances and if you exercise all the washing instructions, then you will find that the image will often outlast the T-shirt itself. If you are shopping for digital printing and live in the Indianapolis area, give us a call.