A Heartfelt Note to All Fundraisers

Get on the phone and call us, in order that we can discuss the possibilities of us working together in a collective effort towards coming up with some practical solutions for your next fundraising event?

We at T-shirt Indianapolis are producers of custom screen printing and embroidery for all types of apparel . We cater to many prominent corporations and organizations throughout Indianapolis and across the Midwest.

We remain dedicated towards striving to serve the needs of those who work on improving this great city through custom embroidery and silk screen apparel.

We are continually confronting new challenges in this more than trying economic environment, and that means having to come up with new innovative techniques towards fund raising endeavors. If you're serious about trying to raise money for a good cause, then you really need to give us a call.

We can set up an appointment where your representatives can sit down with our knowledgeable staff and clearly communicate your objective. we can then come up with a plan of action that will hopefully offset the obstacles that you have encountered in past fundraising attempts.

It is our experience that clear concise communication is paramount.

T-shirt Indianapolis, is an excellent choice whether it's for your corporate apparel and company uniform or for your softball team, race, walk, or family reunion. etc.

The custom embroidery work that we do on an every day basis is unparalleled when it comes to showing off your logo and promoting your image. We understand that communication is very important in any successful fund raising endeavor and what your company representative is wearing is communicating volumes.

When you put your trust in our ability to cater to your custom screen printing and embroidery requirements, you can be certain that you have made a very good decision. Why?

First of all, we believe in the ability to be able to bend and not break. In a word, flexible. We know that a little screen printing or embroidery project is going to be just as crucial to the success of a small organization as a big company's order is going to be for a large one and we will give it the same respect and attention to detail. It's all relative. It's the attention to the small things that are going to be consistent regardless of of money spent.

It is our customer service that sets a gold standard, in addition to the extensive experience of our custom T-shirt printing staff.

After your order is placed you will be provided with a finished sew out of your logo that ensures you're going to love it before we ever start to apply it to any garments. Believe it or not, this is not common industry procedure. Most of our competitors do not want to take the extra time and effort that this step requires.We firmly believe that when you go to open up a box of completed tee shirts, that this would not be a good time to ask you how you like them? There is an old proverb that says if you don't have time to do it right the first time, how in the world are you going to have time to do it over again! We normally tell our customers to compare our quote to a couple of our competitors in the Indianapolis area in order that they realize that they are going to be getting the very best overall value that they can acquire.

It is our flexibility that will allow us to either adjust our prices or come up with a solution to insure a mutually beneficial arrangement.

T-Shirt Indianapolis will also consider the possibility of getting involved with partial event sponsorship.

We would like to discuss your objectives with your representatives in an attempt to identify your goals as well as to structure a pricing schedule to accommodate your limited budget. So go ahead and visit our website and do your organization a huge service. You might even consider putting a link from your site to our web site. Your organization will be as grateful to you as well as to us. To prove it, we will consider offering a discount on your first order of custom tee shirts and team uniforms.

To some it up, T Shirt Indianapolis understands your objective. We also respect your efforts and know that we have the correct plan of action in order to assist your organization in these challenging economic times.

So if it is flexibility as well as integrity and ingenuity that you are seeking for in a T-shirt printing company, then you can count on us for your embroidery and screen printing requirements for logo wear, such as team uniforms, custom T shirts for your fund raising vehicle.

Give us a call and let's at least talk about it. what do you have to lose?