Let's Talk T-Shirts

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What is it exactly that's going to separate one Indianapolis screen printing company from another? In my opinion, audible communication makes a tremendous difference! It's very common in my industry that Indianapolis t-shirt printing companies rarely answer their phone. More than not, the prospective customer is forced to leave a voicemail and hopes that they might get a call back in a timely manner. However, more often than not they discover that phone call might not come until it is too late.

It's not uncommon that digital t-shirt printing jobs are time sensitive. There are other challenges that need to be overcome such as budget limitations, out of state deliveries, etc. It's been my experience that emails and texts or often a very good way to keep a record of whatever was discussed and agreed on, but there is also a whole lot to be accomplished by just talking to one another. Just like so many other sectors of our economy, the human element has been forced out of the equation as much as possible and it's becoming very rare to be able to actually have a discussion with a real human. We, on the other hand, want to talk to our potential customer and we encourage them to pick up the telephone and actually speak to us. This gives us a chance to address their concerns as well as offset any potential challenges they might have such as a limited budget and a short turnaround time.

We have many years of experience as well as practical hands-on knowledge to be able to make reasonable suggestions that are going to be very influential regarding your choose of which Indianapolis screen printing company is going to be best suited to work with on your particular order. Although, most orders share some common obstacles, every job is going to be unique unto itself. One of the parameters that you should use regarding making your decision would be if someone actually answers the telephone when you called. If you did have to leave a voicemail, did somebody call you back in a timely manner or even call you back at all? If not, this should send up a huge red flag. If a t-shirt printing company doesn't call you when they think you're going to be a possible customer, then think about it , how much less likely are you going to be able to get in touch with them if something goes wrong.

Some wearable items are going to be a much better overall value than others. We also want to be able to offer suggestions that might be helpful in order to make you an informed consumer where we are arming you with the knowledge to be able to make the most informed decisions you can.

We would encourage you to read reviews of some of our Indianapolis competitors who also offer custom embroidery and digital t-shirt printing and then read ours. Compare apples to apples and then make your decision accordingly. We receive a large amount of our overall work load from satisfied customers passing our name along to friends and acquaintances who also need our services.

We treat every order the same and use the exact same protocol regardless of its size. We use a finely-tuned system of checks and balances that we have developed over the years where we would always rather error on the side of caution when it comes to making sure that you are going to be well satisfied with your order before it ever is completed. We are not just good at what we do; we are great at it! We have the knowledge and experience in order to ensure that you are going to be well satisfied and glad you chose to work with us.