Screen Printing

This website is owned and operated by Sunburst logo LLC.

This website was created to simplify the ordering process for customers who live in the Indianapolis area and are looking to acquire the very best overall value when it comes to screen printing and direct to garment applications. We supply the T-shirts needs for every type of business imaginable including family reunions, church groups, etc. An average bid inquiry will vary from a very large order of 1000 or more T-shirts for a large company to as few as 12 tee shirts for a college fraternity. We understand that in this challenging economy, everyone is trying to get an edge and cut costs anywhere they possibly can. Presenting you with the very best overall value all starts with clear and concise communication. The more we know about you and what you are trying to accomplish, the better chance we have of coming up with an effective strategy and pricing structure geared towards giving you the very best overall value possible. This is why we do not use automatic bid calculators on our website.

Once again, good communication is paramount.The more we know about you and what you are trying to accomplish, the better chance we will have of putting a quote together where you're as comfortable acquiring your silk screening from us as we are providing it for you. We follow a consistent protocol when it comes to processing your order, regardless of its size or the dollar amount being spent. It's been our experience that even the smallest tee shirt printing request is going to be considered to be a very important part of conveying your image. This is why we promise to give even the small 12 piece orders the same respect and attention to detail that it deserves. One of the things that sets us apart from the rest of our Indianapolis competitors is our ability to be flexible.That means we are able to bend without breaking. We don't have one way of doing things. We have found that there are a lot of different ways to skin a cat and we are a fan of whatever works best. We are also very aware of how important it is that our customers find a way to distinguish themselves apart from the rest of their competition in their field.

We follow a protocol of checks and balances throughout the production process that helps ensure that your order is going to be completed on time and come out just the way you expect it to. The first step in this process is to provide you with a virtual proof of your logo on the color T-shirt you ordered before we ever start the screen printing process. Allthough, this extra step takes time it helps guarantee that everything is spelled correctly and laid out exactly how you prefer it well before the order is actually completed. This helps to make certain that there are no bad surprises when you go to open up a box of finished T-shirts. We have an old proverb in our industry that says, "If you don't have time to do the job right in the first time, then how in the world are you going to have time to do it over again?". Believe it or not, this protocol of checks and balances is not the norm, but the exception. This is not the same protocol that a lot of our Indianapolis screen printing competitors follow. This is just one of many extra steps and precautions that we follow in order to make absolutely sure that our customers are going to be well satisfied long before the job is ever delivered.

It's our objective to make the entire ordering process run as easy and hassle free as it can possibly go from beginning to end. That also means acquiring your order on time. It's been our experience that if we are faithful in the little things then larger orders will follow, along with good referrals.

One other thing that sets us apart from the other Indianapolis tee shirt websites is confidence. We are so confident in our ability to provide you with the best overall value that we strongly recommend you go out and compare our bid to at least one or two other Indianapolis silk screening companies. In this way, you'll be absolutely sure that you're getting the best overall deal that you can.