T-Shirt Tips

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Here are a few things to consider when seeking out which Indianapolis T-shirt printing company that you want to work with. Let's just assume that you started your quest on a major search engine and typed in a relevant search term, such as custom screen printing Indianapolis. That took you to a landing page with approximately 15 different choices to pick from. We will just assume, that if their on the first page, that they all have nice looking websites that are easy to navigate. This does not necessarily mean that one's work is going to be equal to another.There are many factors that set one company apart from another and here are a few things to consider when determining which one you would like to work with over the other. Let's start with price. Let's say you're acquiring five separate quotes. We suggest you throw out the most expensive one and throw out the cheapest one. That leaves you with three competitive bids left. Make sure that they are all bidding apples to apples. Are all 3 of those companies bidding on exactly the same thing? By that we mean, that all of the garments are the exact same weight and made by the same manufacturer. Are they all 100% cotton or are they a 50-50 cotton polyester blend? All of these criteria could have an effect on the price that you were given. Something else to consider before you make your final decision is reputation. What type of references can they provide you with? We would recommend that you check them out with the Better Business Bureau in order to see what type of business history they have. You might also want to check them out on Angie's list. Do they have a track record of being able to deliver your finished product on time? It doesn't matter if they were the lowest price, if you're event is time sensitive and you receive your order 2 days late.What assurances do you have that your custom T-shirts are going to look just the way you want them before you ever go to pick them up? Our company will provide you with a virtual proof in order to make sure everything is spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way you prefer it, before we ever actually go to press. This helps make sure that there are never any bad surprises when you go to open up a box of completed product.

The last tip that we would like to share with you is that we recommend that you entertain at least three competitive Indianapolis T-shirt company websites. After all, how would you know that you're getting the best overall value possible if you don't have anything to compare your quote to?

We hope these tips will end up being helpful when tying to determine which Indianapolis screen printing website is going to give you the best overall custom tee shirt quote.