T-Shirt Indianapolis Testimonials

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"I was appointed to head up our upcoming convention in Indianapolis and with all the countless tasks on my agenda, I completely forgot to order our golf shirts. It completely slipped my mind. Our artwork wasn't even ready. We had a decent order and needed a very quick turnaround. I called several other companies and they all told me they had a two-week turnaround. Needless to say, I was more than just a little bit tense. Well, let's just say that this story had a happy ending. This silk screen company literally jumped through hoops and went above and beyond what would be considered to be just good service in order to make sure we received our order on time. They saved my butt."

"I didn't know where to start, so I literally opened up the Yellow Pages and threw a dart. It just happened to land on these guys. I guess Lady luck was with me that day. They might be one of the best kept secrets in the entire custom embroidery industry. I would certainly use them again for all of our wearable needs from here on out."

"We are just a small company and did not wish to carry a massive inventory of tee shirts that would just end up be sitting in a box for a year before we got around to using them. Although, I didn't want to over order, the silk screening company that I previously used, made me order more than I actually needed in order to get a decent price. These guys worked with us within our means and treated our order with the same respect and attention to detail as if we would have been a large order. You would have thought we were one of their larger customers."

"I only required a few T-shirts, but this screen printing and embroidery company made me feel as if I were their most important customer."

"Well, it finally happened. It appears that after all these years I have finally stumbled upon a competent screen printing and embroidery company that can make it happen for us. We received our tee shirt order on time. These guys were as accommodating as they could be. They were extremely pleasant and eager to please. There were no unforeseen problems and everything went smooth as could be. We will be happy to recommend them and will continue to use them again on the future T-shirt projects."

"I was hoping to find someone who could replicate my book cover onto wearable items in order that I could hand them out at a publisher's convention. I was hoping that if I could get them in the right hands then that would help me to be remembered. I was surprised at how challenging it was to find a company that was able to take my artwork directly from my book cover. After viewing my artwork, they educated me that this complicated image would best be replicated digitally in order to keep all the detail in this design. When I went to open up the box I was amazed. The job could not have turned out looking any better!"

"At first I was a bit concerned about dealing with a company out of town. But since my race was located in Indianapolis, I thought that it would be easier and more cost-effective if I could actually deal with a custom screen printing company that actually catered to the Indianapolis area on a regular basis. They quickly put my mind at ease and earned my confidence. The entire process could not have gone any smoother than it did. I conducted the whole process from my lap top. I just e-mailed them my logo and they emailed me back a virtual proof of the finished cap before they ever started to apply it. This way there were no bad surprises when I went to open up the box. They looked great so I gave them the okay to run them. With this protocol, they took all the anxiety out of the ordering process."

"This company not only gave me a quote on exactly what I asked them for, they volunteered to help out as a partial sponsor in order to try and bring something extra to the table. I sure wasn't expecting that! In these challenging economic times, we will be glad and take any help we can receive from anywhere we can receive it."

"I am a very cost conscious individual who definitely appreciates a great value when I see it. They not only provided me with a quote, they encouraged me to go out and compare their bid to three others in order to fully appreciate the overall value that they were presenting. Who does that? I took them up on their suggestion and after receiving three other quotes, I was more than convinced on who I wanted to work with."

"I was put in charge of a fundraising project with no prior experience in purchasing wearable items. It was my hope to find someone who would provide not only with good direction but also have free delivery to the Indianapolis area. Their helpful staff walked me through the entire process."