Why We're Different

This website is owned and operated by Sunburst logo LLC.

Instead of a typical About Us page like every other Indianapolis T-shirt printing company website conveys, we want to give you some insight into who we really are. We are a custom screen printing website that lives and dies on the repeat order along with the good referrals. It's been our experience that a second time customer is much easier to deal with than someone you have not dealt with prior. On the initial order, you don't know us and we don't know you. If you are calling us back for more product, that would mean that we must have done something right to earn your confidence the first time. At that point, there is no reason to sell you on ourselves as the confidence in our ability to process your tee shirts correctly already has been established. That being said, it works both ways. We have an understanding on how easy or difficult you are going to be to deal with as well. For example, if the past order was for custom embroidery the software has already been established and it's just a matter of reusing it. We only charge you for the initial logo set up charge once unless it's going to change.

Unlike a lot of Indianapolis screen printing websites, we do not use an automatic quote reply tool. We want to actually talk to our potential customers. The more we know about you and what you're trying to accomplish, the better chance we have of working out an arrangement where you're going to be as comfortable acquiring your T-shirts from us as we are providing them for you. Working out this type of arrangement would simply be considered good business and if we do our job correctly, the repeat orders and referrals will just take care of themselves.

We are a supplier of custom embroidery, digital printing, and custom screen printing not only for Indianapolis, but throughout the whole Midwest. We approach each and every order, regardless of its size or the dollar amount being spent, with the same respect and attention to detail. Another thing that sets us apart from the rest of the competition is customer service. For example, we have a protocol of checks and balances throughout the entire production process that ensures that everything is processed correctly long before you ever go to open up a box of completed product. It is not a good time to ask you how you like them when you open up the box.

We take the extra time to provide you a virtual example of your image whether it consists of just simple text or is a complex custom logo. This helps to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way it's supposed to be before we ever actually go to press.

Technology has affected every area of our lives and the screen printing industry is no exception to that rule. We have access to the very best equipment that our industry has to offer including digital T-shirt printing. I'm sure we're all familiar with the proverb that you get what you pay for. That being said, there is certainly no status in overpaying. A classic example of this would be that one of our competitors would give you a lower price for a time sensitive event. Then you received your finished product a day late or something might be spelled incorrectly.

We recommend that you acquire up to three other quotes from our Indianapolis screen printing company competitors. Simply compare apples to apples and go with what you feel is going to be the best overall value all things considered. If it's not us, then we understand that you have to go with what you feel is going to be the best deal overall and we thank you for being considered. We understand that you have many choices when deciding who you want to work with and it's our goal to process your job with excellence and make you glad that you picked us. For the finest custom embroidery, digital T-shirt printing, and conventional screen printing, give us a chance to impress you and see if you're not calling us back the next time you need more.