About T-Shirt Indianapolis

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We're well aware of the fact that searching for the best overall value can be overwhelming. You get on a major search engine and enter a relevant search term such as Indianapolis screen printing company and you could find up to 15 different results just on the first landing page. Who can you trust? How do you determine who is going to give you the best deal? And who do you want to give the responsibility for the peace of mind in knowing that your custom tee shirts are going to arrive on time and were processed with excellence? Well let me start out by telling you about us and the way we do things. First of all we process most of our orders with the same quality and attention to detail regardless of its size. That means, whether you're ordering 500 T-shirts or just 24 we will give your order the exact same respect. We have a protocol of checks and balances throughout the whole production process in order to make sure that there are no bad surprises when you go to open up a box of completed product. Although this is not necessarily the norm in our industry we believe that once the order has been processed, that it is not a good time to ask you if you like them or not. We process the order with the same respect and attention to detail regardless of its size.

As long as we have enough lead time, we provide a virtual example of the finished layout for your approval long before we ever go to press and start production. This helps to make sure that everything is spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way you prefer it to be. Although this takes extra time, we feel that it is a vital step in the production process.

When shopping for an Indianapolis screen printing company, we strongly recommend that you use the telephone and not just e-mailing off our website. If all you get is a voice mail, then that should be a red flag right from the start. We have real human beings that actually answer our telephone when you call. Consider this, if a custom embroidery company does not take your call when they think that you could be a potential customer, it's far more likely that they won't be available to answer the phone if there is a potential problem. There is no Indianapolis screen printing company that is infallible. But in the unlikely event that there is a problem, handling it immediately is the first step in making it right. If you have to rely on someone retrieving a voice mail or checking their e-mail, valuable time has been wasted.

A lot of digital printing companies along with many other types of businesses have tried to take the human element out of doing business. They have implemented automated bidding tools in order to avoid human interaction. We believe that that is a big mistake. There is a lot to be said from audible interaction and not just shooting e-mails back and forth. We want to find out as much about you and what you are trying to achieve, as we possibly can. Quite often, custom embroidery requirements are complicated by limited budgets and short turnaround time. The more we are educated on your situation, the better chance we have of coming up with viable solutions to offset those challenges for their silk screening needs and digital T-shirt printing requirements. Another factor that sets us apart from the rest of the Indianapolis custom screen printing websites is confidence. We are so sure that we can give you the best overall value that we highly recommend you go out and compare our quote to at least four other Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing websites in order to make sure that you are getting the best overall value out there. How would you know that if you didn't have any comparable quotes? We get a large amount of our overall business from repeat customers as well as referrals. Therefore it is our mission after all is said and done that you were as comfortable dealing with us as we were with you and you are well satisfied with your product. If we did our job well, then the repeat orders along with the referrals will simply take care of themselves.

To sum it up, give us a call and talk to one of our seasoned staff. We are confident that we have the strategies that will result in you being glad you chose us for all of your silk screening and digital T-shirt printing requirements.