Establishing Repeat Customers for Screen Printing and Embroidery Services

When it comes to running a successful Indianapolis T-shirt printing company, it’s the little things that often make all the difference. There is a very fine line between mediocrity and excellence. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole adult life and well over 30 years of experience has taught me some very valuable lessons, one of them being that it’s much harder to establish a successful business that it is to maintain one. The first time you meet someone that you never dealt with before you not only have to sell them on your ability to do an excellent job on their custom screen printing requirements, but you also have to sell them on yourself.

Our Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing company lives and dies on the repeat order. The second time around it’s as simple as just answering your phone because they know you and you and they already have a history and their confidence in you has already been established as well as they are sure of your ability to produce their finished product with excellence and on time has already been established. It’s just a matter of saying, hey Bob, how you been? All we really need is the style number and the quantities with the sizes. Your custom logo is already on file so there is no need to establish it over again. Another huge aspect that you should take into consideration before trying to make a final decision on which Indianapolis screen printing and custom embroidery company you are going to entrust to process your order. Is there a live human being actually answer the phone when you tried to call them or were you forced to leave a voicemail?

More and more custom embroidery providers are trying to remove the human element out of the customer service equation. We believe that that is a huge mistake! We make a strong effort to be available to take your call as we believe there is so much to be gained by audible communication and not just going the route of shooting emails back and forth. For example, in the event that we have a situation where their potential order is time sensitive, a message can sit in someone’s inbox for hours or even days before it is even retrieved and looked at, especially if the message happens to come in on a Friday evening and the shop was closed for the weekend. That’s 2 to 3 days that were wasted.

Processing a custom tee shirt order is not magic. You do not just wave a wand and they appear. It takes time. There is a protocol of checks and balances that need to be applied and followed to the letter in order to make sure that your tee shirts are going to be ready on time when you need them, and there are no bad surprises when you go to open up a box of completed product. That is a very bad time to ask you if you like them or not?

It’s our mission to make sure that you are going to be well satisfied once the job is completed. We’ve always felt and taken the approach that if we do everything correctly, then that’s all we can do and the repeat orders along with the good referrals will take care of themselves.

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What Sets Us Apart?

What is it that sets one Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing company apart from another? Much of the time it’s the little things that make all the difference. It seems that society has accepted poor customer service, as what is considered to be normal, and the bar has continually dropped lower as the years have passed.

Here are a few examples. How many times have you tried to reach out to an Indianapolis screen printing company only to get a voicemail that goes something like this, “We’re sorry but no one is currently available to answer our phone. We’re either in the back catering to our valued customers or we’re at lunch. Please leave a message and someone will get back with you shortly.” Before you know it, hours have passed and today turns into tomorrow and no one ever got back with you. So you’re forced to call again and you get the same voicemail response that you did the day before. That, in my opinion, is the very definition of frustration. I want you to think for a moment and take into consideration that if nobody was available to answer the telephone or to even get back with you in a timely manner when you are at that point a potential buyer, then how less likely are you going to be able to get a hold of someone in the event that they already have taken your down payment as well as the balance once the job has been completed in the event that something is not right. That should send off the message that this is not someone I want my order to go to.

We realize that we are not the only Indianapolis T-shirt printing company option and that you have many choices. Therefore, we try our best to actually have a real person answer our telephone when you call. It might not seem like a big deal but it’s actually very important especially when something is time sensitive. The more we know about you, as well as what the job involves, the better chance we have of coming up with viable solutions to help try and offset any limitations you might be dealing with such as a very short turnaround time.

Give us a call the next time you need some digital tee shirt printing and we will do our best to come up with a scenario where it is mutually beneficial for everyone involved. We have been at this a long time and we will educate you on all of your options and come up with the best scenario to give you the very most bang for your buck. We also cater to custom embroidery. We have the most high-tech equipment that the embroidery industry has. If we end up doing your job, we want it to be a win-win. We want you as pleased that you used us as we are that we did the job for you.

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Custom Indianapolis T-shirts for Spring

Custom Indianapolis T-shirts for Spring

The arrival of the spring season brings a certain joy and happiness along. It is the season where the world around you looks bright and cheerful, which also rubs on to the people around.

With spring just around the corner, the one-thing college students look forward to is spring break. Woohoo! Packing for spring break vacation, you are sure to want to put on some of your favorite tees of the best quality.

Here are some reasons why it is great to finally put on those custom t-shirts now that it’s finally starting to warm up.

Feels Good On the Skin

To celebrate the beginning of the spring season, the best thing to put on is a soft and comfortable digitally printed T-shirt. It will be a nice change to wear light apparel as compared to the bulky coats you had to wear all winter. You will feel as if a burden has been lifted of your shoulder.

Comfortable To Wear

For your spring break, you will head over to warm climate locations where the sun is nice and shiny. In such seasons, you need a top that’s comfortable to wear. You want your top to be such that it absorbs the perspiration without you feeling all hot and sweaty. If you are acquiring your garments from an Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing company, you can rest assure the tops will be of topmost quality.

You can even custom design your own hats. Just make sure you hire the right firm. One who understands your style and taste.

Fits Just As If It Was Made For You

There is nothing worse than to ordering screen printing and embroidery from an out of town firm expecting that they screen printed your order just the way you ordered it, only to find out that it’s not what you thought. You spend all your time and effort designing a top that fits your style, and when you excitedly put it on, you discover that It’s not your size and the logo is wrong.

Now, that won’t happen when you order from a top notch respected Indianapolis embroidery company. You can be sure that the top will fit as good as it looks.

Its economical; what every student wants

Being in college, we all know it is tough to spend excessively. When it comes to clothes, students prefer to purchase clothes that are economical. That is exactly what you get when you purchase from us. A tee shirt that’s looks exactly like the virtual example you received prior to production and that will last a long while.

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Digital T-Shirt Printing Options

Digital T-Shirt Printing Options

There are many custom tees and embroidery service providers available in Indianapolis, IN, however, each individual business uses a different type of production processes in their operations. The two most common methods that are used in this industry are traditional screen printing and digital printing.

The former method also referred as silk method, involves creating a screen (commonly known as a stencil), using which the ink layer is applied to the surface of the T-shirt or any surface where the design must be printed. Each stencil is used once and their combination gives the final look of the design.

The digital application counterpart, however, is a much newer type of process that enables you to process your artwork on a computer, which is directly printed to the garment. There is no embroidery or transfer of heat involved in this process and the ink is produced directly to the fabric of the T-shirt. Both methods are popular in Indianapolis and come with many advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in this blog. Let’s begin!


The silk application provides a high level of color vibrancy, especially on the darker surface. The ink used in this process is thicker, which allow the company to print a brighter and sunnier color on a darker shade of T-shirt. However, the DTG application is more useful when detailed and precise work is required, such as small logo design.


When using the silk techniques method, the selection of colors can be fairly limited as it can be costly to choose a variety of colors. Conversely, the DTG method allows you to print an unlimited number of color and gradients you want on your tees as it uses CYMK + white inking process, which is used in conventional office printers. Furthermore, using the latter method also removes color bleeding out of the equation, which ensures a great level of clarity and precision.


In screen printing process, it may take a long amount of time to complete a custom order as the stencils need to be created and combined together to achieve the final result, which is a time-consuming process. However, using computer-based four color inking process, a company can provide faster turnaround as there is no setup time required.

Order Size

As we have mentioned previously, creating a custom screen printing batch is a tedious and time-consuming process, therefore, you must order a large number of tees to get value for your money. Contrastingly, the latest digital transfer process provides you the flexibility to print in smaller quantities, allowing you to order as low as a single piece. It is ideal when you want to print different colors and designs. Perhaps that is the reason that many St. Louis fabric designers use this method in their production.

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Running A Business With Checks and Balances

Okay, so today we’re going to further discuss all the different components involved that it takes to build a superior Indianapolis screen printing company.

The key is to come up with a strategy and a protocol that is going to set yourself apart from the rest of the custom embroidery and digital t-shirt and advertising specialties out there. In my last post, we touched on the importance of having balance. We touched on the fact that every part of the overall business supports the other. If there is a breakdown in any one of those single components, then everything else is going to be compromised. It doesn’t matter if you can get it out an order on time when it doesn’t look good.

You need to establish a protocol of checks and balances that will ensure a superior finished product each and every time. It’s important not to get lazy or rushed so you do not compromise on these checks and balances. There’s an old saying that reads, if you don’t have time to do the job right the first time, then how in the world are you going to find time to do it all over again? There’s a lot of wisdom in this. When we start the process of producing a digital T-shirt printing job, we always take the extra time it takes to compose a virtual example of what the job is going to look like when it’s done. This is not a true or necessarily even an accurate representation of color because each computer monitor is going to be calibrated differently, so it’s going to look inconsistent from one monitor to the next especially if you happen to be working from a phone. It is more geared towards making absolutely sure that everything is going to be spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way it is supposed to be.

We approach custom embroidery the exact same way. We then take the extra time to put together a finished sew out as long as we have enough turnaround time to do this. I say this because two weeks production time is considered to be the normal industry standard. That being said, it’s not uncommon for a potential customer to give us a call three or four days before the T-shirts are actually due. If that is the case, then there is obviously no time to take that extra step. As I mentioned earlier, each and every part is equally important starting from the very beginning when your potential customer gets on his computer in order to find an Indianapolis screen printing company that is going to be able to at least start accumulating bids. Most of the time they will try and seek out at least three other competitors in order to have some competitive quotes in order to try and figure out which one of them is going to give them the best overall return for every dollar they spend.

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Selling customers on yourself and your business

I have always been of the opinion that although there are many components to managing a successful Indianapolis screen printing company, the most important part of the equation is sales and marketing. Although they often go hand in hand, they are not the same thing. I have trained a lot of good salespeople and through my many years of doing this I have come to the conclusion that I can always teach them what to say, but I can’t necessarily teach them how to be convincing. Either they have that gift or they don’t. Although it can be developed, many people just don’t have what it takes to pull it off.

I remember back in the day before everyone was using computers we had to actually drive out to our customer’s place of business in order to have a meeting. I would train my people to be sensitive to what’s going on around them. What is in the environment? Take a look around the guy’s office and notice what’s hanging on his walls or even on display on his desktop. Maybe he has a fish that he caught or maybe it’s a bowling trophy? Before you even begin to talk about custom T-shirt printing, try and make a connection. In other words get him or her to warm up to you. It’s been said that an individual’s favorite thing to talk about is normally themselves. Much of the time, I can initiate the conversation and before you know it, that person is telling me all about the time he caught that magnificent fish. I didn’t say much of anything, but after 15 minutes of letting him tell me the story about that experience, he thinks I’m an excellent conversationalist.

The point I am trying to make is that there is a lot to be said and gained by mastering the art of being a good listener. Then it is only when you feel the time is right, you can start telling him all about your digital T-shirt printing capabilities and convince them why it would be in his best interest to use me over all the other Indianapolis screen printing companies that we’re in competition with. Also, it is important to remember to ask the right questions. A superior sales person knows how to lead in order to steer the potential buyer in the right direction. It’s relevant to the type of personality that you are dealing with as you might already be aware that you can say the same thing to several different individuals, but you might need to say it a little bit differently in order to get the desired result that you are looking for.  Also understand that the same individual who is currently in the market for digital t-shirt printing could very well have a sales force that is requiring embroidery as well. In other words, it is much easier to work with the same individual on several different applications than it is to try and start over with someone that you have no established re pore with for a different application. You might want to drop some references concerning other Indianapolis embroidery companies in order that he can compare your prices to theirs in order to convince him that you’re going to give them the best value.

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What it takes to be one of the best screen printers

For well over 10 years now, we have taken great pride in setting the gold standard as an Indianapolis screen printing company. This did not happen by accident, nor did it happen overnight. It took many years to establish a great reputation. We get a large percentage of our overall orders from repeat customers ranging from digital applications to custom embroidery. One of the things that sets us apart from a large percentage of our competitors is the fact that we pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible. We don’t have a very rigid way of doing things. It has been our experience that although every order we take in is similar in nature, however at the same time there are several differences and each piece of artwork is going to be unique unto itself.

Everyone who calls us shares the common denominator of looking for the very best value for their money. Most of our customers have a limited budget to work with. They all realize that there is no status in overpaying more than they may have to but they certainly don’t want to compromise quality. Many of our orders are time sensitive. Normal turnaround time among the Indianapolis T-shirt printing companies is two weeks once the down payment has been submitted. That being said, it is very common that we receive a bid request with less than four days before the event. We have a choice to make at that point. We can either pass up the chance to work together or we can take it on. We’re well aware of the fact that if we decide to pass it up that there is always someone there who will decide to take it on. So most times when we decide to take on the job, we put a clause in the proposal stating that the customer has to have good clean artwork that is ready to go that we consider to be printer friendly and there are no unexpected surprises or delays. If things run perfectly, then we are normally able to pull it off. This however can be stressful.

We prefer to have a 2 to 3 week lead time, especially in the fall when the season starts to change. Our telephone, doesn’t seem to stop ringing at that point because everyone who works outside for living is calling us at the same time wanting to change over from short sleeve T-shirts to long sleeve. These are just a few reasons why you should consider giving us a chance to cater to your Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing and custom embroidery requirements.

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Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses in Your Business

When it comes to trying to set yourself apart from all the others and making a name for yourself in the Indianapolis screen printing industries, you have to be very creative. There is often a very fine line that separates a company from going nowhere and trying to set a standard for everyone else to try and measure up to when being the leader. There is a lot of competition out there and it’s all about finding a way to get an edge. One of the keys to doing this is to recognize your limitations. Another very important component is to recognize what you are very good at. My strengths were always marketing. That being said, I was never very good it book keeping or even production.

When I was a young man first starting out in the T-shirt printing business, I quickly learned that there were only so many hours in a day and I had a limited amount of energy. I couldn’t be two places at once and had a hard time multitasking. I soon learned that putting the right people in key places and learning how to delegate authority was the only way to make our Indianapolis T-shirt printing company grow. I surrounded myself with an amazing network of individuals who were phenomenal and assigned them to where their talents could best serve our interest. After doing that, I quickly learned that we could accomplish so much more collectively than myself working as an individual ever could. I would just tell them what to do and let them go about their business without making the mistake of trying to micromanage. I am convinced that no matter how good you are at production, the most important aspect of any new as well as established custom embroidery company is going to be your ability to sell.

In order to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd, you’re going to have to create a confidence to your perspective buyer that you are not only going to give them a fantastic finished product, but you’re have to give them the best overall value.

It is much more difficult to try to establish a very successful digital T-shirt printing company than it is to just try and maintain one. Fortunately, I have chosen a career that gets a lot of orders from repeat customers. The same individual or organization who placed an order three or four months ago is going to need more due to the season changing. It is going to change over from short sleeve apparel to long sleeve garments, such as jackets and various outerwear. It is a much easier sell to convince a repeat customer to do business again and again than it is to establish their confidence initially. This is why they called you back in the first place. They are already certain of your ability to do a good job.

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The Importance of Marketing for a Small Business

I think that the most important advice that I can give anybody who is trying to start up a successful Indianapolis T-shirt printing company is the fact that you need to have what is referred to as balance. This sounds so simple, but it is really very difficult, especially for someone who is starting a new business. For example, an order going in is equally important to it getting out the door on time and being processed correctly and well received by your customer. If this doesn’t happen at the same pace, then you are going to start incurring what’s known as a backlog of jobs and that is going to hold everything up, including your ability to take on new projects. On the other hand, if you’ve got the manufacturing side of the business down pat, but your sales is not generating enough work for your employees to stay busy, than you are soon going to be in the uncomfortable position of having to lay people off.

Although, every aspect of the entire process is extremely important, nothing supersedes the importance of a superior marketing campaign. You can be the very best at what you do, as well as the most experienced Indianapolis screen printing and custom embroidery company in the entire city, but you need to have customers. There’s a lot of different ways to market a digital T-shirt and screen printing company and each and every option is going to be a calculated risk. I am a big fan of low risk and high reward. There are certainly no guarantees. You’re just going to have to try different things in order to find out what are the most cost effective and advantageous ways to go about doing this. It just simply comes down to trial and error.

I can tell you what has worked for me though and hopefully it might save you some time and money. The most important part of a superior marketing campaign is to make sure that your potential buyer is able to easily find your website when he is doing a relevant search. You can go out and spend a lot of money and hire a professional to design an amazing looking site, but if no one can find it at that particular moment when he needs what it is you’re selling, then it is in my opinion going to be completely useless. On the other hand, it can be a modest application that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but if everyone is able to easily find you at that important moment in time when they need what it is you are selling, then it can be extremely successful.

Let’s, for example, say they’re doing a search for digital T-shirt printing, look at that landing page and who do you see? Are you seeing your company or your competition? If it’s not you, take a look at who’s there and take the time to actually click on that particular site. Take a good look at it, as you can learn a lot from your competitors.

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Establishing a New Customer Base

The most difficult part of the equation when trying to establish a successful Indianapolis screen printing company is establishing a new customer base. It is so much more difficult when you’re dealing with an individual for the very first time compared to someone that you have done business with prior. You not only have to sell them on your ability to give them a superior product for a good price, but you have to sell them on yourself. Assuming that the initial job went well and that everything was delivered on time as well as the customer was very satisfied, then we have the advantage of living in the Midwest where we experience a seasons change about every four months and the same individual that was looking that happen to find you when looking for a Indianapolis T-shirt printing company on the last order is probably going to want to use you again. You don’t have to try to sell yourself the second time around because their confidence in your ability to treat them right and process the order correctly has already been established. We live and die on the repeat job and would much rather deal with the same individual the second time around than somebody who we’ve never dealt with before. It’s just a matter of getting on the phone and reintroducing yourself. For example, all I have to say is: “This is Mike and we did some digital T-shirt printing for you about four months ago. I just wanted to inquire if you might be needing anything else in the near future and if so, can we please have a chance to give you a quote?” Nothing more really needs to be said than that.

Another thing to think about is that the same organization that required screen printing on the initial order might now be looking for custom embroidery especially if they happen to be in the market for some nice looking jackets or polos. One thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to spread yourself too thin. A lot of the work load we have is time sensitive and it’s not uncommon that it’s for some type of event that is out of state. To complicate things even further, it might happen to be on the other side of the country and take up to 4 to 5 days just be delivered if you’re using UPS ground delivery. Normal turnaround time for an Indianapolis T-shirt printing company is two weeks. That being said, it is not uncommon for someone to give you a call five days before the time they are actually going to need them. You don’t want to pass up the job because if you don’t end up catering to it, somebody else probably will and you don’t want to leave money on the table. Reality however, is that it is often not worth the stress. Experience has taught me that it is much better to just make sure that you can bring things together in a timely manner or you’re better off just passing on the job. Sometimes digital T-shirt printing is better than the conventional way of doing things because it cuts the production time significantly down and enables you to turn things around much quicker.

Give us a chance the next time you’re shopping for an Indianapolis digital T-shirt printing company as we will try to come to some arrangement where you are as glad to use us as we are providing your logo’d apparel for you.

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